Welcome Miriam Cho

We are excited to announce that Miriam Cho will serve as our ministerial intern this summer. Miriam is a rising second-yearstudent in the Master of Divinity degree program at Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C. Miriam is the third Duke summer intern VBC has welcomed for a 10-week period. We are grateful for the ways you have supported students in the past, making VBC a congregation that Duke Divinity now sends some of their best and brightest students. We look forward to welcoming Miriam into our community this summer as we live out our commitment to develop future leaders of the Church and deepen our partnership with the Divinity school.

A native of Radcliff, Kentucky, Miriam’s father pastored the Baptist church in her hometown. She graduated from Yale University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and was formed by her time living in Japan and Korea for gap years during/after college. Her summer at VBC will not be Miriam’s first time in the DC area. Before entering Divinity School, she worked in DC for two years. She first interned for our mission partner, the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, where she learned the importance of effectively communicating public policy to partner churches. When her internship ended, Miriam worked for a public relations firm and developed a passion for media advocacy and the power of storytelling.

Miriam’s call to ministry grows from a belief that the Church needs different voices in prophetic preaching and interpreting the Bible. We must learn to share different stories from diverse people that resonate with the values and needs of local communities in order to effectively share the good news of God’s love and the gospel message of Jesus. When she graduates from Duke Divinity, Miriam hopes “to use my skills in communications to convey the message of the church in a world that yearns for both justice and mercy.”

Other things to know about Miriam include: her hobbies aredistance running, backpack traveling, and cooking. “I also love humidity,” she says, “so I’m looking forward to the summer in NOVA!”

From Sunday, June 3rd through Sunday, August 12th, VBC will serve as a teaching congregation for Miriam. Pastor Austin will mentor her during her internship and a group of church members will serve as a Lay Support Team. We look forward to providing a supportive community for Miriam to discern what it means for her to faithfully respond to God’s call to ministry and serving as a welcoming space for her to share her gifts with us.

We hope you will join us next month as we welcome Miriam during worship!