Transforming Our Community Together

Opportunities to Make a Difference

The Missions Committee helps mobilize our people to serve our local community and our world. Below you will find a list of our Mission Partners—trusted organizations that are doing a great job of impacting others. We would love to help connect you meaningful ways you can invest your time and talent to serve others.

Email our team at if you want to get connected, can’t find what you need, have any questions, or want help discovering your best ways to serve.



Impact: Poverty, Hunger, Education, Local Community

Britepaths works to help low-income working families in our community find sustainable solutions by providing short-term assistance to meet their pressing needs while at the same time providing mentoring, financial literacy classes, and other programs to help them become more self-sufficient in the long-term. Volunteers are needed to help with VBC’s deliveries of grocery cards and household supplies, assist with Britepaths’ Holiday and Back-to-School programs, and serve as mentors in their financial literacy, employment, high risk pregnancy and new mother programs.



Citygate Urban Ministry

Impact: Children, Youth, Washington D.C.

Citygate is an urban mission in Washington D.C. which seeks to open doors of opportunity, empowerment, and friendship to children and youth in an area where 90% of the population lives below the poverty level. Volunteers are needed to work with Citygate leaders and engage directly with the children in seasonal events and other special service projects.



End Hunger in Vienna Projects

Impact: Local Community, Poverty, Hunger

For over twenty years, VBC has worked to reduce the number of families affected by food insecurity. We partner with other local faith communities and non-profit organizations to work on large hunger projects, serving both local and world-wide needs, which a single church could not accomplish alone. Examples of these projects include Stop Hunger Now and Generosity Feeds meal packaging events and Church World Service Crop Walk. Volunteers are needed to help plan and organize events as well as to participate in the events themselves.


Committee for Helping Others (CHO)

Impact: Poverty, Hunger, Transportation, Local Community

CHO is an all-volunteer organization that helps the needy in Vienna, Oakton, Dunn Loring and Merrifield by providing emergency financial assistance and food aid, clothing, furniture, Meals on Wheels, and transportation. Volunteers can help by donating socks, mittens, hats, and toys to their holiday collections and gently used furniture and clothing throughout the year. Volunteers are also needed to organize and work in their “holiday shop”, food pantry, clothes closet, and to pick up donated furniture.



Cunningham Park Elementary School Partnership

Impact: Education, Children, Local Community

Cunningham Park Elementary School is a local elementary school serving a diverse population. VBC works with the school to minister through weekly mentoring of students as well as other events such as meal packaging for their weekend backpack food program and financial support of the “Young Scholars Program” as needed. We will continue to work alongside other faith partners to address additional needs in the school community as they are identified. The biggest need for volunteers is for the afterschool mentoring program which has a waiting list of students that would benefit from this one-on-one attention.



Equal Exchange Fair Trade

Impact: Economic and Social Justice, Democracy, Environment

Equal Exchange works to create an honest, fair, and democratic trade system that allows ethically operated environmentally sound small farmers and co-ops around the world to compete with large plantations and corporations. By enabling these small farmers to be fairly compensated for their work and products Fair Trade is addressing critical issues such as poverty, child labor, and unfair treatment of workers, while also empowering these farmers to improve their lives and the lives of their families and communities. Volunteers are invited to join the VBC team in supporting Equal Exchange Fair Trade through periodic sales of their products. Another delicious way to support this mission is to purchase (and enjoy) these products!



The Lamb Center

Impact: Poverty, Counseling, Hunger, Empowerment in our Local Community

The Lamb Center serves the poor and homeless in our community by providing counseling services, Bible study, hot meals, showers, laundry services, haircuts, resume help, medical referrals, prescription aid, transportation assistance, eye exams, dental services, and help with accessing needed government services. Volunteers are needed to help participate in supply drives, as well as to serve at the center doing laundry, serving meals, and assisting guests in other areas.



Shepherds Center of Oakton Vienna (SCOV)

Impact: Local Community, Seniors, Transportation

The Shepherds Center is dedicated to promoting purposeful, independent living for mature adults in the Oakton-Vienna community. This volunteer based organization achieves this mission through providing older adults with volunteer opportunities, transportation assistance, support services, and life-long learning and enrichment programs. Volunteers are needed to act as drivers (taking clients to appointments), provide companionship in the form of a phone call or visit, assist seniors with various household tasks, work in the Shepherds Center office, and help with planning or presenting ongoing learning opportunities.



VOICE (Virginians for Organized Interfaith Community Engagement)

Impact: Local Community, Education, Transportation, Families, Justice

VOICE, founded in 2008, joins diverse faith communities and civic organizations in Northern Virginia to make a difference on the issues that matter to everyday people. VOICE unites people across the lines of race, class, religion, political party, and geography creating a powerful voice to address issues such as public schools, affordable housing, transportation, justice, and diversity. Interested individuals are encouraged to join the VBC VOICE team, attend training sessions on how to actively listen to, interact with, and mobilize local individuals and organizations; then use those skills to discern and address the issues most important to our local communities.



International Partners
Peace Building Mission

Impact: Global Peace and Justice

The peace building mission focuses on specific issues of peace and justice that they can positively impact. This group was founded to work towards bringing peace and justice to the Holy Land (by promoting understanding of the complex situation between Palestine and Israel). This continues to be their primary focus, but they hope to grow and broaden their areas of impact. Volunteers are invited to attend the monthly meeting of Steadfast Hope at Ravensworth Baptist Church, to search out and attend films and lectures concerning peace and justice throughout the world, and to join with other VBC members to host these films and lectures.


Word for the Soul Baptist Church

In response to the Vienna Baptist Church covenant which says to “…provide the resources necessary for others to do so [share the gospel] throughout the world” VBC established a partnership with Word for the Soul Baptist Church in Moscow, Russia. In addition to providing financial assistance we are able to share communications, visits, and prayers with them. In this way we seek to support our Baptist brothers and sisters in Russia.