Making Change through Partnership

Jesus called his disciples to go out into the world to not only preach about God’s love, but to make God’s love a reality through faithful action. While Vienna Baptist works to share God’s love with others everyday, we know that churches can make a bigger impact when we work together.

Since our earliest years, we have partnered with networks of fellow Baptist churches to share resources, learn from one another, and make a difference together. In Baptist life, power lies in the local church instead of a national decision-making body. So while we are affiliated with multiple Baptist networks, Vienna Baptist is able to articulate its own beliefs and take action on the issues that God calls us to even if every church in a particular network doesn’t always agree. We love this creative tension in Baptist life where we can challenge–and be challenged by– each other to live up to God’s calling to “love kindness, seek justice, and walk humbly.”

It’s in this spirit of dreaming big and taking bold action in the world that we affiliate with the following church networks: