Since our early years as a congregation, we have gone on retreats to discover spiritual growth and renewal. In 1980, a group of passionate and visionary VBC members gave the Lost River Retreat Center to the church as a generous gift to provide the space for nurturing our inward journey of faith. The Bible says that Jesus often retreated to secluded places for prayer and reflection. For almost forty years, Lost River was a special place for youth and children, adults, families, and church leaders to seek the same spiritual direction–a place for us to discover who God calls us to be and the work God calls us to do. In 2018, Lost River was once again a generous gift to our church. We have felt the calling of God to focus our mission and ministry on changing lives and transforming our community locally. The congregation decided to sell the property as the legacy gift of Lost River provided financial resources to help us fulfill God’s bold mission for our community.

While VBC will no longer own the property, Lost River will continue to welcome retreats and those seeking the setting of nature to discover renewal. 
We also know that this is not the end of our practice of retreating to sacred spaces to seek God’s direction and renewal for our lives. If you would like to schedule a retreat, event, or gathering at Lost River today, we encourage you to reach out to the new owners (and friends of VBC). To learn more, please click here.