Join a Lenten Prayer Group Today

The forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday have been a meaningful time for Christians throughout the centuries. Lent is a season in the Church calendar when we focus on reflection and spiritual renewal, commemorating Jesus’ time of fasting and prayer in the wilderness before he began his public ministry. The time period of 40 days and 40 nights is significant not only in the life of Jesus, but throughout the Bible.

563399_origWe believe that Lent is an opportunity for each of us to grow in our faith and seek renewal in our life. To help you make the most of this season, we are gathering in small groups of three to pray and reflection from February 14th to March 31st. We are asking you to dedicate one hour of your week to meet in each other’s homes, at the church, or in the community to discuss topics related to how we can develop a deeper connection with God and others.

In our prayer groups, we will seek to connect with God, connect with each other, and discern how God is calling us to new life. Each person will be given a guide with readings and a step-by-step outline for each session, which your prayer group will go through and discuss together. The topics will include renewal, spiritual growth, missions, youth and children’s ministries, gratitude, and vision.

We hope you will join us for this time of prayer and reflection. We look forward to the ways we will grow together!

To sign-up for a small prayer group today, please click here.

You can pick up a copy of the Prayer Guide in the foyer or download a PDF version by clicking here.