VBC in Action: Reflections on Generosity Feeds

On Saturday, May 12th, 350 volunteers of all ages gathered together to package 15,000 meals at the
Generosity Feeds event. These meals will be distributed through our local schools to children suffering from food insecurity. Vienna Baptist Church co-led the missions project that brought together five local churches and many Vienna businesses to help end hunger in our community.

Generosity Feeds provided a great opportunity for families and individuals of all ages to make a difference together. The project not only gave people the opportunity to help others, but made an impact in their lives as well. We asked some VBC members to share why volunteering for this missions project was important to them. Here’s what they had to say:

“We have participated in Generosity Feeds for 2 years now. We love giving back to our local community, helping those in need and finding opportunities where our children can also participate and learn. It is very important to us that our children understand that they do have privileges that others do not and we want them to be aware of their surroundings and opportunities at hand to make the world a better place one person at a time.” -Stephanie Joshi


“As a parent in Vienna, it’s sometimes hard to get your kids to appreciate that there’s real need right here in our neighborhood. Generosity Feeds really brings home the message and empowers us to do something about it. But putting aside the actual good that comes out of a morning assembling meals, it’s a blast—we can’t wait to do it again. It’s the ultimate “quality time” with your kid.”-James Collins

“I decided to participate because I knew that the experience would be fun and meaningful. I made new friends and had a great time!” –Lori Collins


“I registered my daughter and I for Generosity Feeds to help her gain perspective about the state of hunger in our community and what a gathering of support can produce. It felt so rewarding to use our own two hands and individual skills, along with our friends, neighbors and citizens, to make sure no one is hungry in our local area.”-Emily Miller


“The reason I love working with Generosity Feeds is that we don’t realize the amount of children in our area go home not knowing if they will have food to eat. I love being able to give my time and energy knowing that we are making a difference for these children. When I leave, my heart is full of happiness. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that our community has helped.” -Debbie Naraghi


“As far as Generosity Feeds, we decided, as a family, to volunteer, because our heart is to help those less fortunate in any way we can. It was a huge blessing for us to be able to work together, as a community, with our children, to help the children of our community. It’s always a blessing to be reminded how blessed we are and how we are called to serve those less fortunate.” -The Medina family, Mike, Diane, Uriah, and Clare


It’s your generous giving and support that enables us to lead events like Generosity Feeds so that we can make a difference in our local community. Thank you for all the ways you serve and lead as we seek to share God’s love with our neighbors by putting our faith in action!