Deacon Ministry at VBC

by Nancy Curtis

The Deacons at Vienna Baptist Church are called to give pastoral care to the members and to encourage the spiritual growth of all within our church community.  But what does this look like?

Your deacon may care for you in any number of ways. Deacons may call you, get together with you, or write you, hoping ultimately to form a close relationship filled with trust.  Your deacon prays for you. The relationship goes two ways, and sometimes your deacon needs to hear from you if you have a prayer request, a sickness or hospital stay, a loss or a celebration. Each deacon prays for and ministers to the individuals and families to whom they are assigned, sometimes making home or hospital visits or providing a meal when needed.  We hope you know your deacon well, and if not, give a call to set up a date!

The Deacon Team Leaders pray for the concerns in the bulletin and the ones you place in the offering plate. Periodically, the Diaconate sponsors a social event, like the Church-Wide Picnic/Pool Party held in June, so we can have fun together and get to know each other better.  This year, the Diaconate began sponsoring a Christmas Caroling Visit to those in our congregation who are less able to come to worship, bringing the joy of Christmas to singers and listeners alike.

Another way the Diaconate is called to serve the VBC community is through encouraging spiritual growth.  After learning about your interests, your deacon might suggest opportunities for you to serve on a mission or learn in a group study.  For the past several years, the Deacons have sponsored a special Lenten Study where small groups of 3 to 6 participants learn, share and pray together.  This year 11 teams totaling over 35 people followed the guide, Praying for Spiritual Growth and Renewal. Each year many people express how meaningful these more intimate times of sharing and prayer are for them.

This year, to help the Deacons on our own journeys and to encourage us to answer God’s call faithfully, we held a day long spiritual retreat led by Marjory Bankson on Call at the Farmhouse at Dayspring Retreat Center. In our team meetings, we also studied and discussed a book entitled Exemplars: Deacons as Servant and Spiritual Leaders by Daniel Vestal and Elizabeth Allen.

Each month we participate in serving communion, and we are also able to bring communion to those who cannot come to worship.  We work closely with the Pastor in envisioning God’s call for VBC and ways the church can answer that call.  Please pray for your deacon that he or she may faithfully answer God’s call of service to you and to our church community.

If you don’t already have a relationship with a deacon and would like to begin one so you can receive intentional mentorship and care, please contact the Church Office. We look forward to journeying with you!


Nancy Curtis was the Chair of the Diaconate last year and is a longtime VBC member.