Nurturing our children

Our work with children includes a wide range of activities including Bible study, FaithQuest Sunday Bible study, discipleship classes, summer Children’s Camp, nursery, preschool classes, special events, Playdates on the Playground, picnics, and outings.

On Sunday mornings we offer these classes:

Nursery—Babies, toddlers, and 2s | Rooms 125, 129, and 131

Little ones can begin exploring God’s love in our warm, caring environment. They will have a short Bible story, plain crackers for snack, and prayer time, in addition to plenty of playtime during the time older family members are in Bible study beginning at 9:30 a.m. and worship beginning at 11 a.m. We also have a private nursing room, equipped with a rocking chair, sink, and power outlet.

Preschool—3s, 4s, and pre-Ks | Room 120

Caring teachers lead our preschoolers using play, art, music, and more. Children have fun as they learn about each other; God and his love for and goodness toward us; and Jesus as our friend, teacher, and example. They also learn about the Bible, prayer, and church.

FaithQuest—Kindergarten through sixth grade | Room 231

Elementary school–age children experience FaithQuest, a workshop rotation model of Bible study. “Shepherds” (adult leaders) guide the children in two age groups—K–2nd and 3rd–6th grades—to a different workshop each week to experience the same Bible story. The morning begins with gathering for music and hearing a brief introduction to the story and Bible verse. Then the shepherds take their groups to Apostles’ Playhouse, Holywood, Creation Station, Galilee Games, and Praising Puppets.

Discipleship class

Periodically we offer a discipleship class of several weeks for children considering baptism, when there is a group ready.

Summer Children’s Camp

Children's Camp for WebEach summer we hold a weeklong Children’s Camp at Lost River Retreat Center in West Virginia.