Following the Way

Jesus invited people to join his movement with the simple phrase, “follow me.” Every time he extended this invitation, Jesus offered the opportunity to set out on an exciting adventure. People who accepted Jesus’ invitation became known as disciples. Discipleship is about much more than having the right ideas or knowing all the right answers. Jesus taught that discipleship is about learning and living a new way of life. He wants us to set out on a journey to discover “life and life to the full” (John 10:10). This is why one of the first names used to identify Christians was “followers of the Way” (Acts 9:2). We are a people who have set out on a remarkable new adventure: following Jesus to learn his way of peace making, forgiving, justice building, and loving.

Our mission at Vienna Baptist is to help you hear and respond to Jesus’ invitation to join the movement. We want everyone to discover the meaning and purpose, hope and joy, love and peace that comes from following the Way of Jesus. We take this adventure of faith together, learning with and from one another about how we can experience God’s transforming work in our personal lives and join in God’s transforming work in all the world.


Rooted in Relationship

We believe that the church should be a welcoming, inclusive place where everyone feels valued and accepted. We are a community where you can form meaningful relationships with people who will be there for you through all of life’s ups and downs. We build this community one relationship at a time, getting to know each other in real and authentic ways. In the context of these relationships, we create the opportunities for people to grow as followers of Jesus.

While we will help you to cultivate regular rhythms of prayer, Bible study, and reflection, we are committed to creating sacred spaces for you to explore faith with other people. In our conversations and time together, we learn from each other’s spiritual journey and discover faith in new ways. In the end, this is what we believe the church is: a community of people doing their best to follow the Way of Jesus and supporting each other as we go.

Discipleship is not just an inward journey of spiritual growth; it’s also an outward journey of helping others. The more we experience the love of God, the more we want to share God’s love with the world. We also begin to share God’s vision of the world as-it-should-be or, as Jesus called it, the Kingdom of God. Jesus preached about a world where God’s justice, love, and mercy shaped every human society. Our task as the Church is to join God in making the world as-it-is better reflect the world as-it-should-be. We do this by constantly building relationships with our neighbors and engaging with our community to identify local needs and make real change.

 God has called our church to make disciples of Jesus who change the world. We invite you to join us on this adventure of growth, discovery, and transformation. To get started, check out our list of community groups by clicking here.